Bournemouth goalkeeper shares his perspective on controversial Arsenal penalty – Mirror Online

Mark Travers expressed frustration over a penalty decision that appeared to favor a big club. He emphasized that the game was crucial for Arsenal in their pursuit of the league title, and anticipated a lot of discussion on social media about the referee’s decisions. From a goalkeeper’s perspective, Travers explained that he was solely focused on making a save and was not thinking about the opponent’s actions. He pointed out the frustration of the referee’s decision and felt that he had limited options in that split second.

Travers also highlighted his enthusiasm for the game and the pressure his team feels to win their remaining matches. He expressed his excitement for the upcoming games and acknowledged the nerves that come with important moments in the game. Additionally, there is a mention of joining a new WhatsApp community to receive daily football content and special offers. This community also promises a Privacy Notice for those interested in learning more about it.

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