Wrexham stars Paul Mullin and James McClean mock King Charles during promotion party

The Red Dragons recently secured their place in the third tier for the first time since 2005 by finishing second in League Two. After their last game against Stockport, the Wrexham players celebrated in Las Vegas.

However, two players, Mullin and McClean, appeared to have taken the celebrations too far, sparking controversy with a photo posted by Mullin. In other news, 75-year-old Charles made a public appearance after undergoing treatment for cancer and an unrelated surgery for an enlarged prostate.

The Wrexham club also announced their retained list, confirming that eight players will leave at the end of their contracts, while expressing gratitude for their contributions. Boss Phil Parkinson thanked all the players for their efforts, with a special mention for Tozer and Young for their leadership, despite limited game time.

McClean had his contract extended, while new deals were offered to Fletcher, Howard and James. Mirror Football has reached out to Wrexham for comment and the community has been invited to join a new WhatsApp group for exclusive content.

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