England’s Struggles: Phil Foden Takes Responsibility and Acknowledges ‘it’s not working’ – Mirror Online

Foden has suggested that the players should take responsibility for their underwhelming performances in the Euros and recognize their failure to meet expectations as pre-tournament favorites. England are entering the quarter-finals against Switzerland as favorites, according to bookmakers, but the fans’ frustration with Southgate has been growing.

Foden believes it’s crucial for the players to come together as leaders and find a solution to their performance issues, as there are limits to what the manager can do. He emphasized the need for players to adapt to the opponent’s tactics and possibly change formations in order to improve.

Foden expressed optimism about a change in their pressing game going forward. Despite the fans’ disapproval and early departures in recent matches, Foden expressed sympathy for Southgate and acknowledged his efforts to instill an attacking and pressing game style in training.

Foden stressed the players’ responsibility to demonstrate leadership and work together to find solutions during matches. He also hinted at ongoing discussions within the team to address these issues and improve their pressing.

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