Clive Tyldesley’s mother passes away during Euro 2024 prior to ITV dismissing him – Mirror Online

The 69-year-old has left the channel after a successful 28-year tenure. He revealed that he lost his mother during the first week of a tournament and had to fly back for a few days to look after her before returning. He mentioned that his mother’s declining health had led to her no longer finding joy in life.

Reflecting on his emotions, he acknowledged that the events of his final game and saying goodbye to his mother had prompted more contemplation than extreme feelings. He expressed gratitude for his time at ITV and indicated that his mother’s passing allowed him some time to look back on his work and career. Despite leaving ITV, he expressed his thankfulness for the opportunities the company had provided, especially after replacing Brian Moore when he retired.

He stated that his 28 years with the company had mostly been wonderful for him, and he felt a sense of delay in the shock of his mother’s passing.

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