Adam Wharton is England’s unexpected star player as top athletes face being cut from Euro 2024 squad.

Southgate is preparing to trim seven players on Friday and finalize his 26-man squad on Saturday. Wharton’s performance against Bosnia and Herzegovina has impressed Southgate, who praised the midfielder’s ability to read the game and make strategic decisions. Southgate also commended Wharton’s calm demeanor and adaptability. However, with limited spaces for centre forwards, Ollie Watkins or Ivan Toney may be at risk of being left out.

In terms of the team’s strategies and planning, Southgate mentioned the importance of positional cover and catching the eye to determine the final squad. The decision-making process involves assessing the team’s needs and understanding the potential contributions of each player. Additionally, the coach emphasized the importance of Wharton’s vision and composure on the pitch, highlighting his remarkable adaptability and performance under pressure. Southgate’s remarks indicate his deliberation over the squad selection and the factors influencing his decisions.

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