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Sir Jim Ratcliffe risks angering Sir Alex Ferguson by imposing a strict ban on Manchester United – Mirror Online

Manchester United staff are facing new changes as Sir Jim Ratcliffe takes charge. He has appointed a new chief executive and technical director, Omar Berrada and Jason Wilcox, respectively.

Additionally, the staff are reportedly set to be banned from the main canteen and instead dine in a separate area after summer refurbishments. This move is aimed at creating an elite environment for the first team squad with a focus on performance.

However, Ratcliffe’s decision contradicts the philosophy of former manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who aimed to foster a culture of togetherness within the club. In his autobiography, Ferguson emphasized the importance of forming personal connections with everyone at the club, from players and coaches to office workers, cooks, servers, and laundry staff.

The decision to separate the staff from the main dining area may impact the interactions between staff and players. This move represents a departure from the inclusive culture that Ferguson worked to cultivate during his tenure as manager.

Despite the changes, the club continues to evolve under new leadership, and the impact of these adjustments on the overall atmosphere of the club remains to be seen.

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