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Casemiro’s Form Takes a Hit as Jamie Carragher Declares Man Utd Star as ‘Finished’ – Mirror Online

The 32-year-old captained Brazil in their 1-0 victory over England during the last international break in March, but his future with the team is uncertain. Players like Douglas Luiz, Joao Gomes, and Bruno Guimaraes have been chosen over Casemiro for the upcoming tournament. Additionally, Gabriel Jesus from Arsenal and Richarlison from Tottenham have also been left out of the line-up. The manager clarified that Casemiro not being selected does not necessarily mean he is ruled out of future opportunities.

He emphasized his respect for Casemiro and expressed that his opinion of the player remains unchanged. The manager issued a stern message, stating that it is crucial for Casemiro to make the decision to step away from football at the top level, as the game has moved beyond his current capabilities. He emphasized the need for Casemiro to be advised by those around him to accept this reality and make the necessary decision. The manager shared a personal anecdote from his own retirement, noting the importance of leaving the game before it leaves the player.

The statement was made with the intention of conveying the gravity of the situation to Casemiro. Additionally, an invitation to join a new WhatsApp community was included, offering daily Mirror Football content and special offers to its members, along with the option to exit the community at any time and a link to the community’s Privacy Notice.

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