PSG faces clear next step as Kylian Mbappe’s post-match expression says a lot – Mirror Online

The recent defeat of PSG in the Champions League has sparked discussions about the team’s future and the leadership of Nasser Al-Khelaifi. The team’s reliance on superstar power has not yielded the desired results in European competitions, with repeated exits in the latter stages of the tournament. Despite Al-Khelaifi’s leadership, PSG has struggled to make a significant impact in the Champions League. With the potential departure of superstar Kylian Mbappe, there is a shift in focus towards developing young talents within the team.

Players like Warren Zaire-Emery, Bradley Barcola, Lucas Beraldo, and Nuno Mendes have been identified as key figures for PSG’s future. The emphasis is on building a team that prioritizes skill and strategy over big-name signings, similar to the approach taken by successful teams in the past. This shift in focus signals a departure from PSG’s previous reliance on star power, with an acknowledgment that building a successful team requires more than just importing high-profile players with hefty price tags. The team’s journey in the Champions League has been challenging, and the recent defeat serves as a catalyst for reevaluating PSG’s approach to building a competitive team.

The comparisons to Real Madrid’s ‘Galactico’ era highlight the fact that success in European competitions cannot be solely reliant on individual star players. Instead, PSG’s future success hinges on the development of a well-rounded team with a strategic emphasis on nurturing talent from within. This approach marks a new chapter for PSG, one that aims to secure success in European football with a more sustainable and cohesive team structure.

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