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Thomas Tuchel hints at his next job amid Man Utd manager speculation – Mirror Online

The announcement that Thomas Tuchel would be stepping down as manager of the club at the end of the season came after domestic struggles that led to this decision. Tuchel expressed his affection for Chelsea and the English football league, making it clear that it’s unlikely he will be joining Bayern next season. He mentioned that there is no reason to doubt his agreement with the club, as the decision to step down was a mutual initiative and he is content with it. Tuchel emphasized his focus on improving himself as a coach and the squad, stating that his competitiveness does not rely on external factors.

He also hinted that winning the Champions League may not necessarily determine his next move, leaving the decision open-ended. Additionally, there’s an invitation to join a new WhatsApp community for daily Mirror Football content, special offers, and promotions, with a remark that one can leave the community if unsatisfied and a mention of the Privacy Notice for those interested.

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