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Bruno Fernandes suffering as Cristiano Ronaldo is told he has created a major issue – Mirror Online

There have been ongoing questions about whether Cristiano Ronaldo is taking too much attention in a team filled with top-tier talent. Some argue that Bruno Fernandes is a superior and more diverse free-kick taker than Ronaldo, highlighting that while Ronaldo is a significant asset, he might also be a weakness.

The debate is whether Ronaldo should relinquish free-kick duties. Acknowledging Ronaldo’s remarkable skill as a player, observers note his exceptional movement in the box, particularly as a center-forward.

However, concerns arise around his ego and its potential impact on himself, the Portuguese national team, and coach Roberto Martinez. As Ronaldo ages, managers must navigate the delicate balance between recognizing his declining powers at 39 while still respecting his superstar status.

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