Slovakia manager blames Declan Rice for heated dispute despite apology from England player – Mirror Online

The Slovakia boss has offered his perspective on an incident that occurred shortly after the match ended. He expressed that Rice was supposed to leave and let the referees handle the situation. However, Rice did not leave and continued to engage with the referees, but then apologized, which ultimately resolved the situation.

The boss also expressed disapproval of the way the England team was wasting time without being punished. Calzona has now provided a different opinion on the matter, acknowledging that Rice should have moved away from the officials, attributing the blame to the England star. This incident also resulted in Slovakia being eliminated from the competition.

Reflecting on the team’s overall performance in the tournament, Calzona expressed satisfaction with their efforts, despite feeling regretful about missing the opportunity to make history for their country. He expressed pride in the team’s performance throughout the tournament, particularly in their ability to pressure England for a significant period of extra time. In addition, there is an invitation to join a new WhatsApp community to receive daily Mirror Football content and other special offers, promotions, and advertisements from the community and its partners.

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