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Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo reveals honest feelings after crying in dressing room – Mirror Online

The emotions were raw following the match, with tears on the pitch and in the stands, but there was unwavering support in the dressing room. Portugal’s manager, Roberto Martinez, expressed his admiration for Ronaldo’s decision to take the first kick for his team, emphasizing that it exemplifies the qualities he wants to instill in his squad.

Martinez praised Ronaldo for showing care and leadership for the group, especially after the disappointment of missing a penalty. He highlighted Ronaldo’s determination and perseverance as a valuable lesson for the team, emphasizing the importance of living each day to the fullest and maintaining high standards.

Members of the Portugal camp echoed similar sentiments, acknowledging Ronaldo’s dedication and work ethic. Despite Ronaldo’s acknowledgment that this will be his final European Championships, the team is confident in his ability to lead them in 2024, even with the potential for more challenging moments.

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