England’s path to Euro 2024 final and confirmed semifinal opponents – Mirror Online

The Euro 2024 tournament has seen some intense competition, with teams like England and Turkey fighting for a spot in the final. Turkey secured a place in the quarter-finals with a close win against Austria, while England is preparing to face Switzerland in the next stage.

Portugal also had a challenging match against Slovenia, eventually progressing through a penalty shootout. Meanwhile, France, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland all managed victories within regular time.

The identity of all eight quarter-finalist teams is now confirmed, with England gearing up to face Switzerland on Saturday. In the other half of the draw, host nation Germany will take on Spain, with the winner of that match facing either Portugal or France in the following round.

The quarter-finals are scheduled for Friday, and the semi-finals for teams in the top half of the draw will take place on July 9. There is a sense of caution among the teams, with England being vigilant after their narrow victory against Slovakia.

There is a focus on their upcoming matches and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents in order to progress further in the tournament. The text also includes a call for audience participation, inviting people to share their thoughts on England’s potential performance in Euro 2024.

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