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UEFA charges England with two offenses as Jude Bellingham investigated for crude gesture

UEFA is initiating an investigation into alleged gestures made by Jude Bellingham following his crucial goal against Slovakia. The organization’s regulations state that sanctions may be imposed on individuals who engage in offensive behavior or violate the principles of fair play. Additionally, UEFA has commenced disciplinary proceedings against the England team for incidents involving the lighting of fireworks and crowd disturbances in Gelsenkirchen, with the CEDB set to make a decision on the matter in the future. Bellingham refuted any wrongdoing on social media, explaining that his gesture was intended as an inside joke with close friends present at the game.

Following the match, an altercation took place between Calzoni, the assistant manager, and referee Umut Meler, involving player Declan Rice. Lip-readers have claimed that Rice used offensive language and made disparaging remarks about Calzona’s appearance. Bellingham expressed the pressure and challenges of playing for England, emphasizing the intense expectations and scrutiny from fans, despite past tournament performances. The text also encourages readers to join a new WhatsApp community for daily Mirror Football content, special offers, promotions, and updates from media partners, along with detailed information in the Privacy Notice.

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