Roy Keane brutally criticizes England: ‘Living in cuckoo land’ – Mirror Online

The Three Lions have performed poorly in the tournament so far, disappointing fans and pundits alike. They struggled in matches against seemingly weaker opponents and even needed extra time to defeat their last-16 opponents. Calls for major changes in the starting lineup have been growing, as many believe the current team lacks balance. However, some, like Roy Keane, doubt that significant improvements can be made in such a short time.

Despite the criticism, Keane acknowledges the importance of winning games over producing stellar performances in tournament football. England’s upcoming match against Switzerland provides a favorable route to the final, and manager Gareth Southgate has emphasized the significance of past successful tournaments, such as Euro 96, which were not necessarily characterized by high-quality displays. Southgate is hopeful that the team’s strong camaraderie and spirit can make a difference in their performance. He applauds the players’ resilience and togetherness during challenging moments in the tournament.

Overall, Southgate is optimistic about the team’s prospects and believes that overcoming hurdles will only strengthen their resolve.

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