Gareth Southgate rejects England departure rumors before crucial Slovakia match – Mirror Online

The speaker expressed his desire to remain in the current location for an additional two weeks, citing his lack of urgency in returning home and his participation in a staff padel competition. He mentioned his partnership with the kit man and his eagerness to extend his stay. Following an incident where beer cups were thrown at Southgate by frustrated England fans, the England manager appeared somewhat subdued after a disappointing goalless draw with Slovenia.

However, he conveyed a more relaxed attitude before the crucial match with Slovenia, attributing the team’s revitalization to their day off from football activities. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of a balance between thorough game preparation and downtime for the young players and staff. Despite England’s status as favorites to advance to the quarter-finals, Southgate acknowledged the potential for a penalty shootout.

He expressed confidence in the team’s preparation for such a scenario and reflected on the youth of some key players, including a 21-year-old and the importance of managing expectations. Southgate shared his immense pride in managing England and expressed a desire to reach his 100th game with the team. He underscored the honor and responsibility of leading the national team and emphasized his appreciation for the role.

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