Premier League chief shocked by Gareth Southgate’s decision as England boss confronted – Mirror Online

The decision not to include Jack Grealish in the national team was in line with the majority of the nation’s perspective. This decision was supported by the fact that Grealish had been directly involved in only six goals throughout the season, and by the viewpoint of an unnamed top-flight sporting director. The team manager, Southgate, expressed the difficulty of the decision, acknowledging the strong performances of other players in the attacking positions and the different attributes that players like Madders and Jack bring to the team.

Despite the tough calls, the management stood by their decisions but acknowledged that alternative choices could have been made. Southgate mentioned the emotional challenge of delivering the news to the players affected by the decision. After the 23-year-old winger was deemed fit, Southgate communicated the decision to Grealish, prompting discussions about his potential inclusion in Euro 2024.

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