Premier League clubs decide future of VAR before crucial vote – Mirror Online

The upcoming shareholders’ meeting on Thursday, June 6 in Harrogate will be the forum for a crucial vote regarding the use of VAR in the Premier League. Ahead of this meeting, the Premier League has announced certain adjustments set to be implemented for the 2024/25 season. This includes the introduction of automatic offside technology, aiming to decrease the average wait time for offside decisions by 31 seconds. Additionally, there will be on-field announcements during any VAR checks, with the audio being broadcast within stadiums.

The Premier League has affirmed its support for VAR and expressed its commitment, alongside PGMOL, to continually improve the system for the benefit of the game and the fans. However, there are growing concerns and issues surrounding the use of VAR, prompting clubs to consider the possibility of scrapping it. The process of proposing and discussing such significant changes will be facilitated at the annual general meeting. VAR has been in use in the Premier League since the 2019/20 season, following a unanimous vote by clubs in November 2018.

However, some clubs are now reconsidering their stance on VAR. For instance, Wolves have expressed concerns about the unintended negative consequences of VAR, stating that it has damaged the relationship between fans and football and undermined the value of the Premier League brand. As a result, they have proposed a resolution to reverse the decision to introduce VAR. These discussions and developments reflect the ongoing debate and deliberation within the Premier League regarding the future of VAR.

It remains to be seen how the upcoming shareholders’ meeting will influence the use of VAR in the league.

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