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Ange Postecoglou angrily confronts a Tottenham fan during Man City match, warning ‘I’m watching you’.

Postecoglou made it clear that his team would play to win, emphasizing the importance of not wanting one’s team to lose, as it goes against the spirit of sports. However, not everyone at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium shared his sentiment. The atmosphere inside the stadium was subdued, with chants from the home fans focused on taunting rivals Arsenal rather than supporting their own team.

A fan captured Postecoglou’s furious reaction on film when he was heard yelling at someone in the stands. Throughout the match, Postecoglou appeared frustrated on the touchline, particularly with Son Heung-min’s missed opportunity and the team’s inability to break down the defending champions. He acknowledged that the subdued atmosphere did affect the players and expressed his inability to control how people express themselves in the stadium.

Postecoglou clarified that he did not hold the same frustrations with his players, indicating that the subdued atmosphere did not affect his team in the same way.

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