Paul Merson sticks to Arsenal title prediction despite Roy Keane’s admission of earlier doubts.

The upcoming match between Spurs and Manchester City holds significant importance for Arsenal. If Spurs manage to prevent Manchester City from winning, Arsenal will have a chance to control their fate in the race for the Premier League title.

Despite this, Paul Merson, a former Arsenal player, remains skeptical about his former club’s chances and believes they will not win the Premier League for the first time in 20 years. Merson’s doubts are contrasted by Roy Keane, who initially questioned Manchester City’s ability to secure the title but now acknowledges that they are a formidable force, describing them as a relentless machine that seems unstoppable.

This sentiment reflects Keane’s belief that Manchester City will achieve a historic fourth consecutive title and further solidify their place in English football history. Furthermore, the text includes a call to join a new WhatsApp community to receive Mirror Football content, special offers, promotions, and privacy policy information.

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