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Erik ten Hag Responds to “Pathetic” Sky Sports Question After Man Utd Defeat – Mirror Online

During a post-match press conference with reporters, Ten Hag expressed frustration, stating, “That is pathetic. We don’t have to answer this question in this moment. Because it isn’t.” He acknowledged that the team had encountered problems, attributing their impact on the results to a lack of player availability.

Ten Hag speculated on the potential outcomes if all players were fit, suggesting that the team would have achieved more points and greater consistency in the backline. Furthermore, Ten Hag conceded that the club’s extensive injury list had contributed to United’s challenging season. He likened the situation to trying to progress a team in key areas while burdened with numerous injuries, using the analogy of swimming with hands tied behind one’s back and striving to stay afloat. Ten Hag emphasized the necessity of having fit players for team progression, contrasting their situation with that of their opponents, who had fewer injured players.

Ten Hag highlighted the high standards expected at Manchester United, emphasizing the need to always be spot on. Additionally, he mentioned the club’s efforts to provide special offers, promotions, and advertising from both the club and its partners to its community members. He concluded by acknowledging the option for individuals to opt out of the community if it does not align with their preferences and highlighted the availability of the Privacy Notice for individuals who seek further information.

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