West Ham confirms David Moyes’ departure after fans’ backlash against former Man Utd manager.

David Moyes returned to West Ham for a second term during the 2019-20 season after having previously saved the club from relegation in 2018. He led the team to Europa Conference League glory in 2023. However, after a tough second half to the season and a string of poor results, the fans’ patience wore thin and Moyes has departed.

West Ham have expressed their gratitude for his hard work and dedication but believe it is time for a change. The club plans to give him a proper send-off in their final home fixture of the season. Some fans are questioning the decision to part ways with Moyes and are invited to share their opinions in the comments.

Moyes himself expressed his satisfaction with his time at West Ham and the progress the club has made during his tenure. West Ham’s form suffered in the latter part of the season, winning only four times since the start of the year and conceding a high number of goals. This led to a difficult decision for the club, despite the previous successes under Moyes’ guidance.

The future looks uncertain for West Ham as they part ways with Moyes, who had led them to notable achievements during his time with the club. The decision has sparked discussions among fans about the team’s direction moving forward.

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