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Predicted Arsenal XI vs Bayern Munich as Mikel Arteta hints at major line-up changes – Mirror Online

The question of who will start on the left wing is prevalent. Arteta’s thinking, as indicated by the player chosen for pre-match media duties, may offer a clue. Notably, on several occasions this season, the player who did the pre-match media duties did not start the game. For instance, Trossard and Gabriel Jesus were involved in this scenario, with Trossard not appearing on the pitch and Jesus coming on as a substitute.

However, this does not occur every time and may involve selective player representation in pre-match photo shoots. Martinelli’s pace on the break and Trossard’s recent goal-scoring performance as a substitute against Bayern make them potential candidates to start. Additionally, Tomiyasu is considered a strong candidate for the left back position due to his defensive skills and tenacity. It is suggested that Zinchenko could be a better option offensively.

Ultimately, Arteta’s strategic decisions remain veiled, as he is cautious about revealing any insights. Additionally, the text mentions special offers, promotions, and adverts aimed at community members. If unsatisfied with the community, individuals have the freedom to leave at any time.

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