Amanda Staveley Steps Down from 20 Newcastle Companies Following Reduction in Club Stake – Mirror Online

The financier involved in a number of company listings was removed as a director from the Companies House website. Staveley’s shareholding in Newcastle has decreased from 10 percent to 6 percent following cash injections by the Saudi Public Investment Fund and the Reuben family.

A judge ordered her to pay £3.4m to Greek tycoon Victor Restis within the next week, related to an investment he made in her businesses. In addition to the dilution of her shareholding, a £37m injection has been made recently.

Newcastle’s accounts disclosed loans of £659,000 and £600,000 provided to Staveley for unspecified legal fees. Her company, Cantervale, received £1.24m in advisory fees and £625,000, which is to be refunded at a later date.

Staveley also issued a public apology to Steve Bruce for previous comments made about his work ethic during his time as manager of the club. The text concludes with a call to join a new WhatsApp community for Mirror Football content, with a disclaimer about privacy and the option to leave the community if desired.

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