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Usain Bolt taken off on stretcher during Soccer Aid after sustaining an injury – Mirror Online

Usain Bolt had a short stint in the recent charity game as he fell to the ground while attempting to stop an England break, resulting in a 6-3 victory for England with the score standing at 4-2 at that point. Bolt, a dedicated football fan, had been a regular participant in the charity game, and had even trained with the Australian club Central Coast Mariners, though ultimately decided to pursue football outside of professional play. England took control of the game in the second half after the scores were tied at halftime, and their victory marked their first Soccer Aid win since 2018. Notably, Ellen White made history by becoming the first female goalscorer in the history of the exhibition match.

The game not only provided entertainment with many goals but also served a greater purpose as it aimed to raise funds for charity. It also allowed community members to benefit from special offers, promotions, and advertisements.

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