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Clive Tyldesley argues for football commentators to use banned word – Mirror Online

The 69-year-old has had a long and successful career spanning nearly 40 years, including a stint as the voice of EA Sports’ FIFA series. After departing from ITV, he continued his career with CBS Sports and Amazon Prime.

Despite his departure from ITV, he will be joining the commentary team for EURO 2024 in Germany, alongside several other commentators and co-commentators. In terms of commentary, he believes that there should be some leniency for special moments, expressing his opinion that commentators should be allowed to use the F-word once a season without facing consequences.

He also emphasizes the importance of effectively communicating with young people and being able to understand and cater to the audience. The commentary team for EURO 2024 will include a mix of experienced former footballers and broadcasters.

Alongside this, Tyldesley reflects on the impact that figures from our youth can have on us and stresses the need for broadcasters to be able to connect with diverse audiences and generations. Additionally, the text mentions joining a new WhatsApp community for receiving daily Mirror Football content and special offers from the community and their partners, with an option to leave the community and access a Privacy Notice for more information.

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