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Wayne Rooney Criticizes Man Utd and Identifies Sole Star Who Should Not be Sold – Mirror Online

The topic of a potential clear-out at Manchester United has been discussed by former players Wayne Rooney, Andy Cole, and Roy Keane. Rooney emphasized the importance of retaining young players and Bruno Fernandes while suggesting the need for a significant clear-out to enhance the team’s performance in the coming years.

Rooney also expressed doubts about the future of certain players, such as Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial, and questioned their potential to excel at the club. Cole shared a similar view, expressing skepticism about bridging the gap between Manchester United and Manchester City in the next few years, given the current competitive landscape.

Additionally, Keane pointed out the challenge of moving on from certain players due to their high wages and recurring injuries, which diminishes their reliability. Overall, the ex-players conveyed their concerns about the team’s ability to compete and the need for major changes to improve its performance.

It’s clear that the former players are advocating for substantial changes and improvements within the Manchester United squad, raising questions about the future of certain players and the team’s prospects for success in the coming years.

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