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Ian Maatsen takes a swipe at his parent club Chelsea after Dortmund’s Champions League semi-final victory.

The Dutch winger is currently on loan at a Bundesliga club and is set to return to Chelsea at the end of the season. Despite his loan status, he has been performing exceptionally well at Dortmund and will now be part of the team in the European Cup semi-finals, following their victory over Atletico Madrid.

Maatsen, who has been associated with Chelsea for a number of years, has spent considerable time on loan at various football league clubs. Expressing his joy at playing in the Champions League, he stated, “I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a kid, especially scoring my first goal in the Champions League.

I’m so happy I can’t even describe it.” The player also voiced his uncertainty regarding the reasons behind his limited playing time at Chelsea, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity at Dortmund and his intention to showcase his abilities at the highest level.

Having had limited chances to prove himself at Chelsea during the first half of the season, Maatsen opted to leave in January after mostly being used as a substitute. The club’s strategy of loaning out young players and sometimes selling those who could command a high transfer fee has been noted.

The Argentine at Chelsea acknowledged Maatsen’s potential and versatility but emphasized the need for patience and adjustment to the higher level of competition at the club.

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