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Caoimhin Kelleher set for biggest opportunity after aiding Liverpool to Carabao Cup victory – David Anderson

Liverpool’s recent Carabao Cup win has highlighted Caoimhin Kelleher’s dilemma about his future with the club. Despite his 17 appearances this season and 37 appearances in total for Liverpool, Kelleher knows that he will only ever be the second-choice goalkeeper at Anfield once Alisson returns from injury.

At 25 years old, Kelleher must consider how long he is willing to remain Alisson’s understudy. Liverpool recently rejected a £15 million offer for Kelleher from Nottingham Forest and Celtic is also expressing interest in him as a potential replacement for Joe Hart.

The value of Kelleher is increasing, as evidenced by Burnley’s significant investment in a less experienced goalkeeper. With two more years left on his contract, Liverpool is keen to retain Kelleher, but he has to decide whether he is satisfied with a limited role in a high-profile club or would prefer a more prominent position in a smaller team.

Although leaving Liverpool would probably mean missing out on accolades like a Carabao Cup winners’ medal, Kelleher has demonstrated his capability to excel as a regular Premier League goalkeeper. Since joining Liverpool’s academy in 2015, Kelleher has proven his worth in the Premier League and now must weigh the options about his future, deciding whether it is time to move to a new club or remain at Liverpool.

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