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The world around us continues to change and be changed at a rapid pace. Science and Technology provide us with tools to understand the changes, as well as knowledge and processes to address the challenges. To be successful in this global society, students must access, understand, and evaluate current information and
tools related to science and technology.
The study of science includes processes and a body of knowledge. Processes are the ways scientists investigate and communicate about the natural world. The body of knowledge includes concepts, principles, facts, laws, and theories about the way the world around us works. Technology includes the study of tools and the
process of technological design. It is a partner to science.
Science and technology merge in the pursuit of solutions to problems that require the application of scientific understanding and product design. Solving technological problems demands scientific knowledge while modern technologies make it possible to discover new scientific knowledge. In a world shaped by
science and technology, it is important for students to learn how science and technology connect with demands of society and the knowledge of all content areas.
Helping students develop curiosity and excitement for science and technology while they gain essential knowledge and skills is best achieved by actively engaging learners in multiple experiences that increase their ability to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.

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