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The English language arts form the foundation for effective communication.  The ability to construct meaning through reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and the process of inquiring as well as the ability to present ideas through writing, speaking, and visual media are the bases of English language arts. These skills, essential to the health of our democracy and the quality of our culture, have become ever more important with the modern explosion of modern communication media. Effective communication is critical regardless of the devices used or the distances over which we are communicating.

The study of language helps students to control their lives and become more effective thinkers through communication, reflection, and understanding. To develop good thinking strategies, students must become engaged as active learners. To help them improve, students need to practice English language arts skills and receive frequent feedback across all areas of study. Parents, teachers, and other adults must encourage the interest in language that students bring with them when they first enter school. Collectively, the English language arts constitute both a discipline in its own right, like mathematics or science, and a means of communicating about all other disciplines. Without a command of these English language arts, it is difficult to think about, understand, or explain other disciplines.

2007 Maine Learning Results

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