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This site was created to help you learn about the revised Chapter 131 and the NECAP assessment. Below are resources to help you to prepare for the coming changes.

State Assessment Information

What does NECAP stand for?

New England Common Assessment Program

This test is currently used by Vermont, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Maine will start using this test in grades 3-8 starting October, 2009.

Commisioner Gendron's Informational Letter about NECAP Participation (Feb. 3, 2009)
The commisioner's letter explains when the testing will occur, what is tested, and information that will need to be worked out as we transition to the NECAP assessment. The state will provide more information in April 2009 once the MEA's are completed for this school year. Click here to read the letter.

The Revised Chapter 131-
This document was taken from the state website and modified slightly to remove the editing marks. Though this is just the proposed document until it is passed into law, the statements mirror the grade level expectations for the other states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island) who participate in the NECAP. Click here to download entire document in PDF here.

Maine's NECAP site -
Maine's Department of Education is working to get resources available on its site. This site is changing almost daily as more information is collected and posted on the site. Click here to access the state site.

Below are reformatted PDF's of Maine's GLE's set up by grade level and subject. Click on the document you would like to download.
Grade 2 Math GLE's Grade 2 Reading GLE's  
Grade 3 Math GLE's Grade 3 Reading GLE's  
Grade 4 Math GLE's Grade 4 Reading GLE's  
Grade 5 Math GLE's Grade 5 Reading GLE's Grade 3- 5 Science GLE's
Grade 6 Math GLE's Grade 6 Reading GLE's  
Grade 7 Math GLE's Grade 7Reading GLE's Grade 6-8 Science GLE's

Writing will be assessed on the NECAP in grades 5 and 8. To view sample test items in writing, visit one of the state assessment sites below. Note that the writing assessment wiil be a pilot in 2009-2010 for all the states. No data will be returned for writing.

Released Items for classroom practice are available on any of the participating state's websites. Below are the links to the three states' sites.

Rhode Island's Assessment Site

Vermont's Assessment Site

New Hampshire's Assessment Site



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