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Wellness Program Goes Statewide – Pathpoints
There is a new wellness program available to all employees who take the MEA Anthem health insurance.  The program is called Pathpoints and it is an on-line, incentive based program.  Basically, you earn points for engaging in healthy behaviors and points equal cash!  You can earn up to $150 dollars a year!  Basically, you can get paid to play AND if your spouse or domestic partner is also taking the MEA Anthem health insurance, they can sign up, too.


To learn more and register for the program, go to:

Download PATHPoints flyer.

Download PATHPoints Chart of Earned Points.

Download the Introductory PowerPoint




. PATHPoints

Register now!

IT’S FREE – Program Funded by MEA Benefits Trust

IT’S CONFIDENTIAL – The data you enter into the program will not be shared with anyone. School Liaisons will only be provided with a list of program participants.

IT’S A BENEFIT – If you are taking the MEA Anthem Health insurance than this program is available to you.

HEALTH COACHES ARE STILL AVAILABLE – You can still access a health coach, only it will be telephonically. You can also work to become a peer coach.

YOU’RE IN CHARGE – You set your personal health goals and then earn money achieving them.

EARN POINTS AND EARN CASH – You can earn points for all sorts of healthy behaviors and these points translate into cash. You can earn up to $150 each fiscal year.

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