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The four communities of Maine School Administrative District 75 are united in our dedication to develop confident, life-long learners. It is our mission to work together to ensure a community of fluent learners, critical thinkers and creative contributors to our society.

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Next Board Meeting: June 23, 2011

Mt. Ararat Class of 2011 Graduation: June 12, 2011 Details...

MSAD 75 FY '12 Budget Referendum June 14, 2011

Last Day of School for Students: June 17, 2011 (half-day)

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Proposed FY '12 Budget

With subsidy losses of $2.5 million over the last few years, the M.S.A.D. No. 75 Board has set goals and explored ways to stay focused on what is best for the education of the students in an environment of scarce resources . The Board has adopted goals and strategies to meet these goals that reflect its priorities.

Similarly, the District has been working with the Brunswick School System for the last 3 years to find ways to increase capacity through shared resources. We currently share a food service director and are considering sharing transportation. At the high school level the potential for this cooperation with Brunswick requires a common schedule between the two high schools. We know as well that a common schedule will also better accommodate our students at Region 10 Technical high school as well as those wanting early college programming at USM, the Community College or Bowdoin College. Consequently, this year Mt. Ararat High School embarked on a block schedule. It addresses the compatibility issues with the vocational school, allows greater ease in scheduling for early college, and paves the way for greater sharing of educational resources between Mt. Ararat and Brunswick High School.

Federal law requires that all students meet performance standards in reading and math by 2014. The District is marshalling its resources in a framework called Response to Intervention (RTI) to provide the necessary instruction to meet this requirement. This means providing for early intervention when students struggle, monitoring student progress so that student needs are addressed immediately, and teachers working more collaboratively to diagnose needs and prescribe strategies to meet them. Strategies to fully implement RTI include maintaining class sizes within our District guidelines, providing Kindergarten students a full day with a teacher and providing timely interventions for struggling students with non-classroom professional staff. These strategies were applied in the current year along with a comprehensive staff development program for elementary teachers to boost the teaching of literacy within the core curriculum paid for with federal stimulus funds. We have seen significant growth in student performance as a result and will continue this effort into the next year with Title I grant money

The District has also invested in the power of technology to support the teaching and learning process. Human resources need to be available to make the most of that investment by providing staff development in technology's classroom applications, parent and community understanding of the advantages that accrue, and the technical support necessary to maximize this potential. This year we completed the second year of 1-to-1 computing at high school and have seen the way that immediate access to technology has enhanced learning. We will maintain this program into next year and with the help of current resources, further expand learning through technology in the classroom

The Board is also committed to developing positive future citizens and students prepared for the opportunities emerging in this young century. It is dedicated to keeping its commitment to these goals even as it responds to the current recession. New initiatives have been undertaken without increased costs. This is true of the block schedule and the high school capstone project. The high school Capstone Project will ask next year's seniors to present a culminating exhibition of their learning and will rely heavily on community involvement at no additional cost. Similarly, the judicious use of stimulus dollars has allowed us to invest in professional development for our current staff that adds to their instructional repertoire and is boosting District literacy scores.

Specifics for the Proposed Budget for 2011-12

The District will lose $1,054,812 in State subsidy for the 2010-2011 budget. We can offset this loss with $409,423 in Federal Jobs Bill funds. This money will not be available to the District for 2012-13 and we must therefore be very cautious about its use. All told we will have a loss in revenue of $572,349 if we keep the total local contribution level.

We understand that the member towns face financial difficulties similar to ours. At a March 16 meeting with officials from the four towns, we heard that they were in similar financial difficulties. They appealed to the Finance Committee to minimize any impact on property taxes. The Board decided that it would again not ask for any increase in the local contribution. Consequently, the Board will be adding an additional $200,000 from Fund balance as revenue.


The Board has approved a proposed budget of $34,211,583 - a $572,349 (-1.65 %) budget decrease. A reduction of this size will absorb the lost State subsidy and keep local contribution level. To accomplish this reduction, the Board approved the following:

Facilities reductions of up to $10,000 in either maintenance or capital projects
Reducing the approved costs associated with the West Harpswell School closing including one custodian, one part-time health aid, one secretary and one cook
Athletic reductions or the capture of gate receipts as revenue of $25,000
Reducing stipended administration supports
Reducing 8.3 teaching positions
2 Middle School positions
1.8 Elementary Librarian positions
1 RTI interventionist positions
1 High School Science Position
2 High School Alternative Education positions
0.5 Special Education teacher
1 High School Secretary position
Cutting books, materials and supply lines
Eliminating 2 duty aid positions and 1.5 Educational Technician positions
Reducing staff development dollars

The above list reflects absorbing the high school Alternative Education program into the high school by using existing high school staff; changing the delivery of library services at the elementary level to one Elementary District wide librarian supported by an additional Educational Technician; reducing one Response to Intervention learning strategist; and reducing middle school teaching staff by two to complete the three person team structure; and high school science staff by one.

Staying on Course

This budget allows us to continue to support the goals and initiatives mentioned above. We are committed to preparing our students for a positive future. We have seen gains in student performance results from the Response to Intervention approach. We are responding to the need to provide students with the educational opportunities that build 21st century skills and the attributes of good citizens

Teaming Up to Make Response to Intervention Work

Here in M.S.A.D. 75 we are committed to working together because it promises to be more effective for our students. We have always taken pride in our professionals and their abilities as educators. We are learning that through teamwork, ongoing assessment, and effective instruction, we can help even more students to learn at high levels.

For more information about Response to Intervention  Look for Response to Intervention under Hot Topics. Douglas Reeves, founder of Leadership & Learning Center




Watch Our Board Meetings Online

Harpswell TV 14 is now publishing MSAD 75's live Board Meetings on their Vimeo site. The following link will direct you to the February 7, 2011 meeting.

MSAD 75 Board Meetings on Vimeo

From there, you will be able to find the latest videos to be published.

2011 Summer Technology Institute.

MSAD 75 is pleased to announce that it will host the 2011 Summer Technology Institute. The Institute, which is open to district teachers in grades 6 to 12, will focus on developing digital learning experiences for students that go beyond substitution and augmentation on the SAMR model. The Institute will run from June 22 to June 24. FMI, click here...

A New Name for a New Beginning

The votes are in and a name has been chosen! Harpswell Community School is the winner!

Download Joint PTO Minutes here:

March 15th Meeting

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parent partnership program Parent Partnership Program

During this school year the school district sponsored a program for parents called the Parent Partnership Program. The program consists of a series of workshops, based on the 10 Priorities.

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